Sunday, June 24, 2007

Antahkarana -Ancient Symbol of Healing

Antahkarana Symbol

The Antahkarana exists in several styles of Reiki including the Usui/Tibetan, Tibetan and Raku Kai. The Antahkarana is claimed to be a "Tibetan" symbol that is most ancient (some even trace it to "Lemuria" 100, 000 years ago!) . Antahkarana It is the connection between your brain and your higher self. It is thought that if you are to ever grow spiritually, you must develop and heal this connection. The symbol itself is thought to represent that connection and is thought by its mere presence (i.e., seeing it) to facilitate that connection. Indeed, just having the thing in sight is supposed to have a beneficial and uplifting effect on the chakras and auras. It will also increase the efficacy of all healing techniques. It is thought to complete the Microcosmic orbit by meditating on it, which facilitates a flow of energy to all the chakras. It is heard of it being used to clear and cleanse crystals of negative energy. The Antahkarana symbol is a cube shaped symbol. It has on its surface three "sevens". These are thought to correspond to the 7 chakras, seven colors, seven tones on the musical scale. In the apocryphal book of Revelations there are the three sevens of the seven trumpets, the seven candlesticks and the seven seals. Its energy moves through all dimensions, leading us to out higher self. It probably corresponded also to the "seven" planets.
The Meditation practice included here is attributed to Tibetan practices. From the information I was taught, it was said that the monks would use a room lit with seven candles. An earthen vessel would be in the room. Its shape was oval. It contained water. The oval shaped vessel represented the "cosmic egg" of the universe. There was a stool that the monk would sit upon, which contained the Antahkarana symbol made out of a silver metal (This might be a "master frequency plate" or "master frequency generator", that Ralf Jensen developed. They are for sale at the American Reiki Masters Association(tm).) Purportedly the monks would sit on the stool and meditate on the reiki symbols which were on a copper mirror on the other side of the room which would merge the heavenly reiki energies and the Antahkarana would focus the earth energy blending them in the chakras

A Meditation using the Antahkarana Symbol

This meditation is purported to improve your healing skills, open the third eye, increase your clairvoyance, and any other number of wonderments. The process begins with Using the Reiki Master Symbol.

First place the Antahkarana Symbol under your feet. Next do a complete Reiki Healing Attunement on yourself. Place your hands on your thighs and relax. Feel the Reiki flow. Now draw the Usui Master symbol in the air before you. (Some visualize white light coming from their hand as they draw the symbol. As you draw the symbol, say the name of the Usui Master symbol three times. Keep the image in your mind and meditate on it. Now Focus your gaze on the Antahkarana Symbol. Say the name of the symbol three times, and then hold the symbol in your mind's eye and meditate on the symbol. When you feel done, focus on the symbols and move them up, into the light, or a field of intense white light.
When this is done, do the Hui Yin, then visualize the Usui Power symbol at the Hara, and then at each chakra all around the channel until you reach the hara again. This is to clear each chakra. See the light and Reiki energy at each chakra as you do this.


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